Stay at Home Moms Looking to Make Money

Crystal and I have been friends for a long time!! Of course, I am speaking figuratively!!!

I first encountered Crystal when she was offering her Blogging University Course. Even now I can not

remember how I stumbled upon her wisdom. I am assuming because I was needing help to get my blog up

and running. 

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck

As a mom it seems natural to me that we have a want inside of us to help with the financial situation of our

family. I can relate to Crystal in this way. Her and Jesse were living paycheck to paycheck barely making

ends meet. We are a one income family, and this is extremely hard in today’s economy.

Crystal makes it very clear:

  1. Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  2. Money doesn’t equal fulfillment.
  3. Money doesn’t solve your emotional problems.
  4. Money doesn’t give you purpose.

She is very straightforward about her passion to help other moms to find a way to start over in a new

direction. In her book Money Making Mom she gives you very practical ways to make money as a stay at

home mom. She has been where I am at therefore, she is very relatable.

Financial Freedom starts with mindset

Did you know that? Your mind is a key component in how we deal with every decision that we make.

I am always trying to get out of my own head all the negative thoughts toward money.

Money Making Mom is definitely a book you must read if you are wanting to help your family out financially.

The chapters in the book:

  1. First Steps to Financial Freedom
  2. What Makes You You
  3. The 8-to-5 Cure Working Yourself
  4. Get Moving, Start building
  5. Expand Your Thinking, Expand Your Wallet
  6. Growing Your Business
  7. What Gets in the Way
  8. Live Generously
  9. How to Give? Let Me Count the Ways!
  10. Here’s to your Success!

Crystal started her blog because she discovered there were so many families who wanted help in decreasing their food bill and needed a guide to lead them. This was something she was already doing because her and Jesse didn’t want to go into debt while he was in law school.

Some thoughts to consider

What is something you enjoy doing?

Do people always ask you how you do xyz? If so, is this something you could teach other people?

Maybe you don’t desire to start a blog but Crystal offers other ideas that might be of an interest to you.

In conclusion I highly recommend Money Making Mom if you are looking for inspiration to help your family out financially. 

I started this blog to help other moms of large families create a simple lifestyle by growing a garden, and being a good manager of their homes. I want to encourage them to find joy in all that they do. We serve an audience of one- God.

Insert verse of older women teaching the younger. Make in Canva

Besides Money Making Mom Crystal has other books and even courses:



(I am an affiliate for these courses if you  purchase one of these courses, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you 😊)

Make over your evening here

Make over your mornings here

Slash your grocery bill here

Crystal Paine’s store here

I am currently reading Say goodbye to Survival mode. This book offers practical advice for busy moms who want to get out of survival mode back into living mode.

When I am done reading this book I’ll write another book review for you.

In the meantime go check out all of Crystal Paine’s books and courses. You will not be disappointed.

You can follow Crystal here :





Podcast: The Crystal Paine show:

I want to encourage you as one stay at home to another to check all the resources Crystal has to offer! You will not be disappointed!! Leave a comment of what resource your going to check out!!

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